miata rims on DA-how much bore out on hub?

I have a friend selling miata rims with avs es100s on them for 160. I really want them. i tried mounting one up but the hub is bigger on the DA. i couldnt fit any of my measuring tools in the wheel area thought. Does anyone know exactly how much you need to make the whole in the wheels bigger? and in what way, because the way the wheel is now, its not just a straight lip, its more like a bevel. and what tools would i be able to use. Will these wheels clear the front brakes?

this is the type of rim fyi

Yeah, those wheels won’t fit due to the offset.

You WILL have to bore them out to fit. Im just not sure how much. If it’s only a small amount, you might be able to use a hole saw or maybe even a dremel.

I would try to take some measurements, but my miata came stock with 15" BBS wheels :slight_smile:

so even if i bore out the hub area, i would have to get wheel spacers to ge the wheel far enough away from the caliper? we ARE both talking about the hub area correct?

i tryed to put these on cuz i wanted my works on my friends miata i was DDing at the time

stupid small hub bore!

offset doesnt look too off
everythihng fits find cep the hub bore

does anyone know just how much i need to take off? maybe like 2.5 mm all around?

okay, so i decided to get 5mm wheel spacers. will this work for me and will there be enough threads on the studs? my car is kinda not with me at the moment. i would go check for myself, but it jus aint happening right now.


Hey man, I came across the same set of rims/tires and wanted to know how you got the rims on the DA and what you had to do to get them there.


the center needs to be bored out 2mms

the miata hub bore is 54.1 and the 'Teg is 56.1… if u intend to get these wheels, u should take them to a proper wheel or a machine shop. the last thing u want is a shake or shimmy caused by DIY cheapness