Mid Pipe Question

I was woundering if anyone has tucked there mid pipe a little bit higher. My mid pipe is the lowest part to the ground and i always scrap it. Can anyone tell me if this can be done

Thank You

noluck man sorry, your car must be dropped right?

yup, theres gotta be a way. mAybe a shorter hanger:confused:

i scrape on my cat, and i’m paying for it right now…i have a big ol’ hole in the bottom of it and it’s hollowed out. OWWW it hurts my ears so much, it feels like my head is going to explode

damn you must be low

Not really. I am very surprised. I have buddies with much lower cars, and they have no problem with the mid pipe. that’s why i was asking if i could tuck it higher. My ride is lowered, but it ain’t so low. I don’t have any wheel well rubing. I think if i were to get a new mid pipe it would be tuck up better

you could try going to a muffler shop and seeing if they could bend and sorten the hangers on the exhaust or maybe bend the hangers on the body up a little?