MIdas, Ravin Performance Exhaust - Anyone???

Took my Teg to Midas today because of some terrible noise in my muffler. Pieces of ? rattling around in there are loud. They told me that maybe the internals of my CAT ended up in the pipe and muffler.

Do I need to replace the muffler and have them shake out the pieces in the pipe? Is it hurting anything, backpressure, compression, performance?

I asked about the Ravin performance exhaust that they sell there. About $304 altogether, has anyone installed that on their cars? Any improvement over stock or should I just get the standard muffler setup with lifetime warranty?

Help me out.

Yo, check this out. I got a Midas muffler with a lifetime warranty. The catch is, when you come back to have it fixed they are “required” to check the entire exhaust system from exhaust manifold to tailpipe for leaks or damage. If there is any then they can’t just fix one piece they have to replace everything that needs replacing. So I brought my car in with a broken $50 pipe and they quoted me $300 including the muffler, covered under warranty, because they had to replace everything from the cat back. I told them no thanks and took it somewhere else and had the $50 pipe replaced. I will never go back to Midas except to get my free new muffler after I replace the rest of the exhaust somewhere else. HTH


yes midas rapes you in price in general. much better to find a local less “commercialized” shop that does good work.

What would anyone recommend as a good performance exhaust then? I want something street legal that sounds good(not ridiculous loud though) and adds some performance. I heard Supertrapp is good, any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any help.

if you use the “SEARCH” function above… try typing in exhaust and see what comes up. there have been some good comparison threads lately.