Midwest meet/track day

I put this on every year and the past few years i have got a good response and had quite a few people show and have a great time. This year im hopin for a lot more, and have posted this on 5 message boards. I havent picked a date yet, but it will def be at Tri-state again. Have gone there everytime i set this up and the majority of people that go seem to enjoy it there. Mostly, im posting this early enough to get an idea of who would show up and who wouldnt. And to kinda have a place to talk about it and/or throw around ideas on when. I do know that this is a lot of fun for anybody that goes, and i always get PMs from people sayin i should put this on again, so here i am putting this together for the 3rd year in a row. Hope to see you there!


Ok, date is set!!! here some info

May 19th, 2012
Gates open at 8am
Time trials at 10am

$35 to run
$10 to watch