Mild Port and Polish job - crazy talk or actual flow gains?

Unfortunately for me it looks like the head gasket on my teg is on its way out. White smoke out of the tailpipe and a bit of oil in the coolant.

Since I will need to have the head off the car I’ve thought about doing a mild port and polish job, and I’ve done a little bit of napkin math on it that makes it seem like a compelling idea;

If you have a straight pipe that has a diameter of 40mm, with air flowing through it at 1 m/s it will flow 75.4 liters of air per minute.

If you take that same pipe and increase the bore by 1mm in every direction (diameter is now 42mm), and flow air through it at 1m/s, then it will flow 83.13 liters per minute.

This is a 10.2% increase in volumetric flow rate just by boring out the pipe by 1mm in each direction.

This makes me think that some decent gains in flow and power/efficiency might be found simply by taking a high-ish (maybe 120) grit sanding roll and just very slightly massaging the port, radii, and bowls - basically just smoothing out the walls, removing casting flash and core shift, without significantly changing the size or shape of the port as a whole.

I know there is more to the puzzle since the port on a cylinder head is way more complex in shape than just a pipe, but I have gotten the juices flowing a bit here and I’m curious to know if anyone has tried doing mild port work on their integra, and if they noticed a difference in the way their car drove after.

I may give it a shot anyway just to see what happens if I feel confident enough in myself not to accidentally destroy the valve seats lol

For reference I have a totally stock and (headgasket excluded) healthy b18a1 with i/h/e