Missouri Meet - June 5th 2003

I hope to see some of you there… Its a lot of fun, maybe some of us Missourians can meet up there.

Here is a map its located in Southwest MO, about 20 miles northwest of Joplin

Here is the Address In case any of you want to use mapquest or something

30753 Baseline Blvd, Asbury, MO 64832

If you are interested, email me. b_sanford@sbcglobal.net I’m also on www.hondaswap.com (spodab1). Just let me know, if you are in the Kansas City area, when it comes time to drive down there, we can all go together. Have a common meet up place, meet there then make the 2 hour and 57 minute journey from KC to Asbury. Let me know. Im working overtime to get my car running on time. Just need a clutch. Looking for a stock one, you know maybe used (If you have one, let me know). Thanks for you interest.

June 5th 200[SIZE=7]4[/SIZE]. I got ahead of myself, I’m sorry

thats a 300 mile, 5 hour drive from st. louis. my cars not even fast, so i dont think ill make that one

my car isnt fast either.

I’m not from Missouri, but I’ll be there. I haven’t missed one yet.

hey im in missouri! i just moved here like 4 months ago!!! i stay at saint charles!! zumbhel!! if anyone is near hear hit me ups aights!! peace!

whoa buddy. Pay a little more attention. The thread is over 2 years old.