MN - 92 red integra blue interior part out


What kind of shape is the tank in?

What do you want for the lower control arms

tank is in decent shap.
This past winter is the last time it’s been outside of the garage in 6yrs since the past owner was rebuilding it, but gave up lol.
You can have the tank for $30 + shipping.

not sure if i’m selling them because the car still needs to be able to be towed.

so why do you have them listed…

my bad i just cut/pasted it from local CL add…

if you ship me your stock LCA, then i can sell these for $40 + shipping.

No. My car runs. It would be dumb to make my car immobile. You send them, i receive them, install them, then send mine.

I know da day and you Charlie! he is a good dude!

I also need the blue glove box ash tray and coin slot on the side of driver in dash hmu you got my numbrr

I can do that. send me an email -

blue glove box = $10
coin slot = $5

Do u have the oem floor mats

looking for 3rd brake light that mounts to glass on the hatch. i need light, hardware and wiring. also looking for front and rear bumper slide assemblies (number 18,19,24,25) need both rears and driver front with all hardware. also looking for stock dual outlet exhaust tip with chrome tips. let me know im from the eau claire area.

Charlie you got it 15$ your the man! Now how much for the whiper motor?

$20 is fine.


3rd brake light, hardware and wiring i can get. … how much of the wiring do you want? like just a 2-3" from the connector ?

I’ll check on the bumper slide assembly. I should have all of them. but for sure you’ll want to get new phillips screws just because it’s impossible to for them not to get rusted out.

Yes, 2-3’ would be perfect. Oh absolutely those Phillips screws are notorious for rusting! Lmk thanks!

ttt need some parts man!