Mod my LS to LS/R

I have two questions . . .


I’m getting a V-Tec head to pop onto my LS block… I’m told i will need to drill one single hole into the block for the v-tec. and that this shouldnt be done at home. Only to be done by a shop. My question is… will they have to take the engine out to do this? and where will the hole be drilled at???


I dont want to get a “vtec” ECU, i would rather use my pr4 with my skunk2 performance chip in it. I’ve been told i can get a plug in mod that will turn my ecu into a vtec ecu. Will the engine run right, and is it a good idea to do it this way? Thanks!

What year LS is this? Have you ever worked on a motor to this extent before? You don’t have to drill the block at all. The head needs to be drilled to move the dowel pins from intake side to exhaust side and you need to plug the VTEC oil passage in the head as you will be running an external Oil line for VTEC. If you have never done this conversion before and you cannot get help from someone that has I wouldn’t reccomend doing this yourself.

I dislike chipping ECU’s ingeneral. IMO you would be better off getting a 94 GSR ECU if your car is OBD1 or a OBD0 B16 ECU if your car is OBD0 and using it.