modified 90-91 tail lights

these are stock 90-91 tail lights. Let me know what you think.

Care to share how you did that? Did you just take the lights apart and sand down that piece with the pink stripes, cuz it looks a lot clearer than the other modified 90-91s in the article/teg tips forum. What’s up with the taillight in the first picture and the bottom one in the last picture. It looks different than stock, yet it also looks different than the one in the middle. I really like the middle one though, excellent work! :up:

Very nice, i like it.

thoughs are tight!, looks like after market, you must tell us! you will tell us NOW!!! j/k, very cool.

yeah, like the others said, did you do anything different from what is in the other forum? they look a lot clearer.

ya dude dont leave us hanging here!

Those look amazing…you must share how you did that…they are so clear on the top and so shiny! Let me know how you did that and i’ll ditch the altezza’s i have now and put those back on!

you would make me a very happy guy! If they are stock 90-91, that would be tight to know I don’t need to spend 70 buck on clear/red paint

damn those are sick, the middle one is the best, howd you do that? damn i wish i can make my 90 sedan taillights look like those. Please share the knowledge my friend.

i will take the one in the second pic please. thank you. :bow:

i got bored last night and after seeing this post i had to see it for myself. So i took my spare 90-91 tail and sanded some of the lines off. I only did some so that i could compare side by side on the single taillight.

It does look a lot clearer. Not as hazy as in Neil’s pic in the other forum. However i’m still not sure what look i like best (cleared 92-93’s or sanded 90-91’s). After close inspection the two different sets of tails are even more different than i had though. Ever notice that 90-91 and 92-93 tails look a little different at night (i’ve always loved how the G2 lights look at night… but then i found out that the 92-93’s look a little bit different when lit, personally i don’t like it as much. has something to do with the size of the reflector as well as the size of the square faceting on the bottom half of the light).

Has anyone ever thought of just using frosting paint over the top part? They use frost for many glass and plastic parts, thought it would be a very easy way to get rid of the pink stripes. Seriously, opening those things is a pain in the butt. And then you 90-91 teg owners have to spend time sanding.

for all those who want to do this mod, here are the steps
1.bake the whole tail light @ 200 degrees for about 15 min
2.slowly pry apart with the help of a flathead screwdriver
3.take the plastic piece with the red lines and WET sand it down with 320, 800 and steel wool to remove all lines(takes less than 5 minutes) make them shiny apply automotive cleaner wax(meguiars)
5.get a can of duplicolor chrome paint from wal-mart
6.remove all the plastic difusers and the metal pieces from the tail lights
7.clean inside with alcohol and spray paint with four good coats(top and bottom)
8.on the top part only(turn and reverse) there are two difusers, plastic with the red lines and clear plastic ones. do not reinstall the clear plastic ones.
9.put back all metal pieces and and bottom difuser
10.put the cover and the tail lights back into the oven for 15 min, remove and put back together. you can add silicone after removing the tail lights from the oven for a good seal.

What is the light output like on the modded taillights? Like when you put the turn signal on do you see the whole turn signal strip blink or do you just see a little blinkin bulb chillin there (does that make sense)? Also, what is the difference between the taillight in the first picture and the one in the second picture? They look different :confused:

It looks to me like the first pic is the stock tail, and the 2nd one is the cleared one. I took some pics of my 91 and the tails looked like someone had cleared them. I think they just look that way in pictures.

1st pic=stock tail lights
2nd pic=modified tail lights
3rd pic=both