moisture problem. . . .

thelast 2 days that its been raining pretty steady,and every time that i walk ouy to my car i have moisture all over the inside of my windows. . . .now i have noticed that i have a trunk leak becasue i found some water in the corner of my trunk . . .could this be part of the same problem. . . . or could it be the problem of my driver side window not lining up properly under the rubber insulation . . . this is killing me. . . :gunleft:

Your trunk leak could possibly be your rear taillight gaskets leaking. That was my problem. It could also though be that your sunroof drain-off tubes came out of the boots in the rear sides of the trunk. Some people also talk about it possibly being the rear preassure vents leaking. I also recommend making sure that the moisture shield (plastic cover) behind your door panels is completely sealing. Use duct tape to seal up any holes if there are any. Hope this helps.

I have the same problem with my trunk… leaking every time it rains… Just started a few weeks ago when it rained for like a week straight and now it leaks every time it rains! arrrgggggg. How do you get to the sun roof drain off tubes? are they behind the plastic molding in the tunk, or are they easier to get to?

They’re a pain to get to… you have to remove your rear trunk interior panel, and you have to remove your rear speakers… after pulling enough screws you can pull the panel on the side over enough to reach in… you cant really see it…so like a blind man at an orgy… you’ll have to feel your way around…

I ended up using a little silicon on the tube before putting it back into the boot, then for good measure i put a piece of duct tape around the boot/tube connection just in case… all my water-woes went away

LOL haha, nice analogy!!

Oh man, sounds like fun. THanks for the info. I’ll try to get this done this weekend.

Mine was/is doing the samething. It ended up being the pressure vent. You will need to pull the bumper to replace the gasket. That’s part of my weekend project.

I did go ahead and replace the taillight gasket. I used high density foam from Home Depot. It’s with all of the weatherstripping. Get the 3/4" wide by 1/2" thick. It works great and costs only a couple of bucks!

cool, thanks for the info. what/where is the pressure vent?

Home Depot here I come.

I thought mine was the pressure vent as well. If you don’t want to rip out the entire bumper you can see the pressure vent when you pull off the side panel. I just sealed around the edges with some silicon. Should do the trick… but if you want a real test… just sit in the trunk while someone sprays with a hose. Also check your antenna hole (if the leak is on that side of the car…)

sunroof drain :slight_smile: check that too

When my boot was leaking it was actually the spoiler bolt holes leaking, very deceptive because the water dripped into this tube so the water wasnt getting in where it was leaking in, so I took off the spoiler and put silicone on the holes… no more leak :clap:

I had that problem w/the sunroof drainage tubes. That was like a 4 hours fix. There are some screws that are pretty tricky to get too, but you should be able to figure it out. After moving the drivers side side panal you will not only have to remove the speaker but that plastic housing. (on the pasanger side its much easier) I broke one of those screw-snap things in the process, be carefull. On the rear panal lift straight up, and on the side panals pull straight out.

When I finally got to 'em, I used some duct tape just for kicks

All hail duct tape!