Momo 4914 Hub, it rubs, and I can't get the horn to work

:tsk: I have a momo champion steering wheel but the hub rubs, and the three prongs in the back don’t seem to line up with the circuit pattern. Help please.

I have a grant wheel w/ grant hub and i dont dot a horn hooked up either. I just said skrew it…cuz i remember reading somewhere it was lots of work. p.s. sorry if i sould messed up just had my wizdom teeth pulled yesturday…docs got me on lots of feel good drugs. but yeah wouldnt worry bout tthe horn, just use your middle finger.

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wouldnt worry bout tthe horn, just use your middle finger.


Re: Momo 4914 Hub, it rubs, and I can’t get the horn to work

unless you are like me and you are running around with front plates and no inspection sticker in virginia. thats asking to get pulled over. horn’s only thing holding me back

it’s the wrong hub isn’t it? I thought the part number for the hub that fits our cars is 4903?

i just got a momo competition steering wheel and hub. im not sure what hub it is. but when i first installed it using blizzard - art’s directions, it was almost exact. but then there was one plate for the cruise control, and another thing, it was sort of a spacer thing. after me bolting the wheel in, and seeing it was awkwardly long. i took it all apart again, and seen that, so i removed them, then it fit nicely. as for the hub, the part that faces away from me, looks all copper. like a connector. then i see the connectors that go to the cruise control, and it seems as the horn connector is hooked together with that also. so i am not able to get it working. i’ve tried splicing the wires so it would go around the cruise control, but that didnt work, then tried having the other wire go around, outside of the hub with alot of slack. that did not work either. i didnt want it to lok too messed up. but at one point when i was installing the wires, the horn honked, so i knew i had the wiring correct. i havent tried it, but does it matter which prong it is on? i didnt try the other way, i just got tired of it and left it horn-less.

IIRC, the steering column is the ground. You should have a hot wire coming up through the column that hooks onto one side of the horn button, and the other side hooks up to a prong on the round metal plate…when you press the button it makes contact to that grounded ring and completes the circuit. You might have blown a fuse now, too. I have a Momo too, remember…why don’t you just msg me on aim :stuck_out_tongue:

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i know how it works, but i just dont see how the other wire can get through. because from the hub that goes onto the steering column, there’s no hole, or other thing that lets a wire get through. and the plate is one whole plate, that goes around the whole thing. and stock, the buttons and everything go with a plate with other contacts for the cruise control.
on my stock wheel, it only had one wire clipped onto the two seperate connections.