MOMO Seat Installation Help

Hey guys,
I just bought a MOMO racing seat, non-adjustable, from my friend. It didn’t come with any brackets for mounting it to the car floor, nor did it come with any harnesses/seatbelts. One of my friends said i might be able to mount up the old belts, but i am positive i cannot do that because the lap/shoulder belt thing is part of the factory seats.
I have never installed a seat before, nor do i know if i need special brackets to do this, so if anyone can help me out with the installation process or give me some fairly specific instructions that would be cool. I am also no sure how the aftermarket belts will be attached so as to keep me in the seat and not through my windshield so any help in that department would also be greatly appreciated.

check out momos site and see what they offer as far as mounting brackets etc…

your harness, if you dont have a roll bar, should be mounted to the rear seatbelt mounting points. DO NOT mount it to your oem seat rail bolts!