monitor playing while car is in motion.

i just got a dvd monitor headunit and im told that when the cars in motion the monitor wont work. how do i go about bypassing this before i start my install.

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Although different methods are used form one brand to the next to keep you from watching a DVD while driving, a common part of most is that the “E” brake must be on, and as the “E” brake switches output is a neg. (-), [ground] hooking the “E” brake input, [ground] for any DVD to the cars accessory [12V+] is definitely not the way to do it. :roll:

What is the make and model of the DVD? :hmm:94

blaupunkt idvm 7002

yes, and some dvd players have gyros in them and it wont do any good to hook anywire anywere. If I remember correctly the wire should be a very long green wire, hook to your parking break or e-brake. Some people just take it off and ground it, go to an audio site and you can probably get more help there.

fcm, your probably right. I heard this a long, LONG time ago when the first monitors started coming out. It may have been different on certain models, but im not sure. Yea, it is negative connection, and I heard that you just ground it. (i was thinking of something else) Again im not sure.

One thing you have to watch out for now is companies are making it a bit more complicated. The 2005 model Pioneers needed to see the wire switch from ground to open to work. So you couldn’t just ground the wire 100% of the time…you needed to put a switch on it to get it to work. And the new Navigation units from Pioneer sense the motion through the GPS…so it doesn’t matter what you do with the wires…it won’t work if the vehicle is moving.

As for the Blaupunkt unit, if it does have that long green wire, it’s probably like the other guys said…just ground it and see if the screen comes on once you power it up.

well it says the brake wire is a ground.

kk well i did the install and all i did was ground out the green wire and it worked…

Just as I said. Thank you, send the money to … hahaha, Its good to hear bro. Hows it look. Get some pics up for us.

def. i got a crappy ass pic so imma take some better ones during the week and post them.,

sorry for bringing up and old thread but i got an innovatek dvd 995 and the wire says brake 12v. is that still a ground or not?

correct me if im wrong…its been a while but i believe you should ground that out, i just honestly tapped mine to metal in my car and it started playing, and thats how i figured it out…and i also realized i said id post some pics and i never did…oops…

I hope you dont plan on watching movies and driving at the same time. lol

ive done it, although its not a good idea…its just my only screen in the car so i need it wired like that incase i have a passenger in the car who wants to watch it

sorry for bringing up and old thread but i got an innovatek dvd 995 and the wire says brake 12v. is that still a ground or not?
Your foot brake is a 12V+ output, your “E”/hand brake is a 12V-, [ground] output.:sipread:94

off topic sorta, but directed to FCM.
The ebrake light is a ground. But doesnt 12v come thru the ground when u ground it out? Which is what completes the circuit and causes the light to come on.