Moon roof glass replacement!

So a friend of mine is on the highway, and decides to open the moon roof, well as he’s opening it…WOOSH lmao there she goes!!! The glass just flew off. So he found a new glass and rubber molding, but my question is: How difficult is it to replace the glass and have it function properly without having to worry about losing the glass again?

If you are talking about a aftermarket MOONROOF I am not sure what it will envolve.

If you are talking about the stock SUNROOF, you will have to dissassemble the interior and drop the headliner.

“SUNROOF” lol. So drop the head liner and pull the track down? But then what? Has Anyone done this before?

i am not 100% sure if you can replace the glass with the assembly still in the car. i have done it by removing the whole thing. it is not really all that hard, but time consuming, and kinda awkward. the entire sunroof assembly is roughly the size of the roof itself, it will be good if you have a friend around to help you take it down without dropping/damaging it. once you get it out, the glass is fairly straightforward. i am wondering why his glass flew out in the first place?? i suspect he is missing parts to this thing…might wana check that out before replacing with new glass and having it happen again…

Yea I’m not sure. Bcuz he found a new glass at the junk yard and he said the bottom of the glass only shows signs of silicone. He also found the rubber molding too. Idk how the hell tht happened.

you can not just replace the glass. you have to replace the whole assembily.

i have ,i didnt have to drop anything from my headliner at all , i did it all out side the car :rockon:

how did you do that? considering the bolts are under the headliner.

all you have to do if i recall you open the sun roof then there a couple plastic cover you take off in the front of it close the sun roof half way then you see to allen bolts take those off an the glass come out can do it in less then 5 min.

^ yea I 2nd tht. I spoke 2 a friend of mine (he’s a windshield guy) and he said tht when u open the sunroof cover there will be to black covers on the rails. You pop them open with a pocket screwdriver (or something to pry them out) and there should be 4 10mm bolts (2 on each side) once they come out the glass lifts out.

Can anyone verify the previous 2 posts in this thread? Mine got shattered and I have a new one I want to put in. Seems to me like the headliner has to come out, but i haven’t looked at it like those posts describe. Car is not with me currently or I would go look.

Just so anyone else who finds this thread knows…

You can replace it how stated above, but this isn’t the correct way. You have to flex the glass and risk cracking it like I did. Thankfully you cant tell from the outside, so it looks better than my totally fucked one. But there are 2 10mm bolts on each side towards the front of the tracks, but nothing that pops out so the glass can. If you had more than one person you could probably bend them enough out to get the glass in and out without cracking it, but be careful.