More LSVTEC info

any g2ic members in the bay area with LSVTEC around here…im getting a b16 engine…i wanna do lsvtec but im not for sure gonna do it my self…im not in no way a mechanic…who can do it? i have some $$$$$$$$$$$$ to pay, resonable price of course… how much power can u actually get from lsvtec? i wanna rev up to 8000+…any suggestions out there besides sending me to the TEG TIPS section…once again mixed thoughts on alll this…

Yo you got questions, just email me, myself and two other friends are ls/vtec driven.

Man for me i say dont do a ls-vtec. They dont last to long. And yes i’ve been though a few. Dont get me wrong good power. But not worth it on my part.My last one lasted three months of non stop racing. CMI and on the weekands down the sraight from my house… Easy to do you can do it your self. Search the web or the tips for how to do it step by step.

damn were these built motors? I’ve had mine for a year now but i dont race as much, couple of cmi races and a trip to texas and back, and its not even built and it purrrs like a kitten. you got specs of your motor?

i kinda regret goin ls/vtec, with the money i spent, i could of gone turbo and be way way way faster then what i am now. But its fun having an all motor car. I just like knowing that i have a ls/vtec motor.

Simple not much. Itr cams,pr3 pistons,itr manifold,and all bolts ons… I was running 14-s flat with stock da on a bad day.A good day i would break 13’s.oh and a y1 tranny that started grinding in thrid abit…

werd… if i get to do it again from the beginning, I’d rather build a turbo.

but I wouldn’t be getting my great gas mileage right now :wink: