Mothers Clay Bar = MIRACLE WORKER

I used a Mothers Clay Bar on my car today (the $20 kit, which includes clay bar, detailer spray, and wax), and I must say, my car looks a MILLION times better. It made the paint SO smooth that a towel will slide off of my roof. :cool:

I must recommend this product to ANYONE looking to rejuvenate their paint. It even took out the tiny pinhead sized rust spots that sometimes show up due to sand chipping away the paint. My paint looks BRAND NEW, yet is over 11 years old. :slight_smile:

Here is what I did tonight:

  • Wash car w/ Armor All Car Wash and a soft car-wash brush and mitt.

  • Turtle Wax Polishing Compound on rear bumper, wheel-well areas, mirrors, and front bumper (This removed ALL yellowing and imperfections, and made my newly painted mouldings match exactly, the stock paint!! Miracle stuff!)

  • Mothers California Gold Clay Bar (did entire car – made the paint as smooth and shiny as glass).

TOMORROW: Waxing w/ Mothers Cleaning Wax (which came in the kit)

The car looks like it was freshly painted and clear coated, and this is WITHOUT any wax on it. This product is AMAZING.

Just thought I’d share my experience w/ this stuff, so everyone out there can get their cars looking very nice and new. ;p


they sure are amazing.

thanks for reminding me to do that too.

i’ll say so too! it’s about the best 20 bucks i’ve spent on the teg. i recommend it to anyone with some time to burn… and lots of love for your teg! :slight_smile:

Originally posted by integdrag
i’ll say so too! it’s about the best 20 bucks i’ve spent on the teg. i recommend it to anyone with some time to burn… and lots of love for your teg! :slight_smile:

time to burn? Besides washing the car, the vlay bar itself only took about an hour, and that was going over everything meticuously. :slight_smile: I spent a good 4 hours washing, polishing-compounding, and clay-bar-ing my car today. Still have to wax it tomorrow (another few hours). :slight_smile:

My car is gonna blind people with the shineyness ( <— is that a word?) :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m hearing that there’s a better bar, i think blue magic clay bar’s, way better compared to mothers and cheaper, so members have used it and praised it more then mothers or meguiars

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I use 3m polish (hardcore), Meguiar’s beige professional glaze, haze scratch remover, yellow carnuba wax and the I think its Meguiar’s car wash, its pretty strong stuff. But those products once mixed w/ a claybar are expensive yes, but will absolutely blow your mind. Check the shine on this oxidized 11 year old paint bumper out…

The only reason my oxidation didn’t come off is because there is a huge layer of clearcoat and my oxidation is at the base. Those terrycloth towels…when I’m looking at my car and throw it towards the windshield it comes right back to me :slight_smile: I spent around 9 hours overall but I didn’t use the scratch remover, that woulda been another 2 :wink: BTW, what do you red car owners use once your done washing your car? Those chamois sponges truly don’t work as advertised and I’m SOOOOOOOO tired of water streakage.

Stew :thumbsup:

Mothers 3 steps “ultimate waxing system” did a great job on mine !

If the car’s been cleaned well most water will sheet off, then I usually use an absorbent artificial chamois to get the rest of the water off, and then after leaving it for 10 odd minutes to air dry i use terry cloths… never leaves water marks, there’s a pic of the car on here somewhere, very nice Rio Red paint

Clay bars are amazing. At the shop we use different grades of clay bars but I just use the claymagic bar from the local parts store and works better than the Mothers bar(which is still great). Have you guys tried the Absorber? In my opinion this thing is just as sweet as the clay bar.

wayy too time consmuing… i claybar once a year… takes freakin 3-4 hours. a little 1x4" clay rubbed against a compartively huge surface area. they should make a super clay.

i wash teg once a week, but im not a fan of waxing, its so time consuming, and without a highspeed buffer its usless on my little scratches :frowning:

well i just washed my car today and i was about to start the polishing compound (allready did the rubing compound lightly to get the hard little rust spots out! and it worked now cleen as a whisle) but then…boom fugling started to rain! Then oput all my shiat away and…AAAAAAAAAA sun come pouring back and rain all gone! I hate this place so much…damn Canada rules…but weather sucks! Guess meguires gold wax gonna have to wiat a day or so more now!

so is blue magic claybar better than mothers? can i get this at a auto store or hardware store?

damn i’m excited to see what this can do =O)

Originally posted by Blizzard
[B]so is blue magic claybar better than mothers? can i get this at a auto store or hardware store?

damn i’m excited to see what this can do =O) [/B]

from what i heard there cheaper and the bar itself is less plastic feel to it

i just detailed my car today, too, with the mother’s clay bar. i got mine for $14 at the local kragen autoparts. took me a total of ~3 hours, but the results were drastically astounding. here’s today’s breakdown:

–washed car and dried off
–clayed the whole car down
–waxed the whole car

there used to be a lot of caked in grit on the car, especially on the top parts of the car since i park my car outside and it’s exposed to the elements daily. i was getting a little frustrated and then decided to give it a try. i was satisfied and then some! the car’s paint feels and looks just like it did when i got it back from the body shop with a new paint job.

anyone who has that gritty, roughness on your paint, little black splotches, tar, and little impurities caked into the paint nicely should give the clay bar a try. i highly suggest this stuff. :up:

will this bar work for rust spots on the front about a cm in diameter?

I have a bunch of them up on the front where the previous owner decided not to wash the bugs off.

and some minor scratches on the side

try the turtle wax rubing compound! the red buket to get the rust off! Dont rub too hard and just take your time! Then use the polishing compound the green buket(not really buket but more like small dish) And you should really be amazed at the results!

where do you get that blue magic?

oh and use the absorber from walmart etc. 10bucks

i picked up the mothers box from pep boys, 18$, did a wash with turtle wash then used the bar, then finished with turtle wax. i didnt really see much of an improvement. it did get most of the fine particles out tho. i only used half the bar and at the end it was mildly dirty.

i should note that i did a thorough rubbing compound, polish, and wax job with a buffer a few months ago so im not surprised the results arent drastic. after that wax the surface was just as smooth as it was today.

do i regret using it? no. i believe i took off the particles and many more layers during that big buff job. i dont plan on doing that anytime soon again so hopefully the claybar took off most of the particles instead of me masking them with more wax.

have you guys felt the abrasives after waxing before using claybars? perhaps i should just use the claybar before waxing only when i want to remove visual blemishes, otherwise i dont see anything wrong with just waxing over the non-visible abrasives.