motor and transmission swap problem.

Ok, my old set up was a stock 91 LS integra, the tranny decided to bust a whole where the linkage goes in, ironically the same day i bought another tranny from a guy. the tranny i bout is a b16 and the motor i bought a couple weeks ago is a b18b1. I’m having trouble figuring out what i need to do to make this tranny work. I mean it fits right up on it and i have the clutch and flywheel from my old tranny in it, but the clutch lever (where the clutch cable connects) is totally different and moves different, my question is what do i need to do. and on top of that the mounts don’t fit correctly. any help appreciated.

can no one help me? 19 views?

are u really sure its a b16 tranny? take a pic of it if u can… if i were u compare it to ur old tranny, they all look alike. unless hydro or cable.

and what do u mean the mounts don’t fit? like what part? the top tranny mount is a 2 piece. maybe u are missing a piece?

i’ll take some pics tomorrow, i’ll have to figure out how to post them, never done it before.

i can’t get pics yet cuz my cam is broken, but i figure, i’m putting a b16 in a 91 integra, should i just get a b16 clutch cable for it or what, i know its a b16. and does a b18a1 clutch, pressure plate, and fly wheel work in the b16 or do i have to buy a new kit?

it depends… one is a large spline and one is a small spline. b16 trannies and 90-91 ls trannies have different input shafts, right?

well i’m not sure the names of these parts, this is my first time mesin with a tranny, i got the tranny to fit on the b18b1 motor, but the release baring isn’t tight.

fixed the problem with a cable to hydro conversion kit made by hasport.