Motor mount questions

Well…first off i am new to this site…actually new to posting…ive been checking this site out for a while.

Anyways i am the poud owner of a 91 integra ls…car pretty much stock other than…an msd ignition,panty hose filter cover (ghetto style i an’t afford a regular intake or filter yet lol),95 gsr rims,and custom exhaust and muffler…Now here comes the really bad news…about a month ago my car broke the tranny went.
i took the tranny down.And
i saw a hole in it about 2 to 3 inches…i bought the tranny already…but haven’t installed it yet…cause i knew my car had other things wrong it…one of those things was the motor mounts…i went to my local auto part store and they wanted like $100 plus for i belive 1 whole mount…ive searched the internet…and the best awnser ifound is to replace the original inserts for some polyurethane ones i belive.Now,
How hard is it to change the inserts?..i don’t know much about mechanic work…and is it worth it?..Or do u guys know of any
other solution for this and if so how much will it cost me?..And how easy it will be?..this might have been posted before…if so excuse my rookieness.

Another thing what does DA mean?..I have other questions
about suspension. That is going to be my next tackle…but before some 1says wrong forum ill go overthere and post it.

What does DA mean domestic acura or something?

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sorry for the bad typing

And those wrong forums icons weren’t supposed to be there.

i dont think DA stands for anything, its just the code for g2 integras

for the motor mounts, polyurethane are just inserts and they will make ur car vibrate more. just get the stock ones
they have best prices on motor mounts (oem/stock) ive seen so far

about the msd, do u notice gains

oh yeah and dont forget to:


well i did noticed that my car rev’s a little faster…hp wise not really…i also have noligy wires and msd ss blaster…id probably would noticed a little more power if i also had a fuel regulator and a header.

thanx for u reply i appreciate

da does stand for something its our chasis code!