motor mounts and inserts...

well neil said i had to put this in here…even though inserts aren’t stock j/k


i have two questions

  1. can you add inserts to motor mounts with cracks or tears in them
    2)what inserts are better, prothane or energy suspension


the one insert that i have played with was the front tranny mount one…you have to have the mount out in order to put the inserts in…i don’t know about the rest.

if you are going to do the inserts, use them on all mounts, not just one (like i did, itmakes the car shake worse :wink: )

I have the ES inserts but have only been able to get the drivers side in so far with alot of shaving and cutting. You have to basically take the mounts off to get the inserts in. HTH

same here but my rear mount must still be good because it only vibrates a lot when the engine is cold.

yes you can add inserts to MM’s that are cracked or torn, thats what they are for.

i have ES and i heard they are actually softer than prothane.

thanks guys

keep the comments coming


although i would use inserts in broken mounts(i need to get some actually) that’s not what they are made for. i dont remember where i read it, i think it was the energy suspension site but it specifically said not to use them on broken or torn mounts. they are made to stiffen ones that are still good. :up:

good luck with the back mount :gunleft:

mine aren’t completely torn and destroyed yet

thats why i was considering using them, so would it be really bad to do this or could i get away with it


my front was torn and it fixed it up like new. and by torn i mean torn, it was holding on by just one side. my shifter used to move when i pushed the clutch in, now it doesn’t move at all, no more flex what so ever.

if you’re going thru the trouble to take off the mounts…why not just put new ones on?

Check out this link at Home Made Turbo. At the bottom of page is another link to do it another less expensive way.

i did my front mount when my radiator went out so inserts were looking very nice at $23 considering i had just dropped $145 on a new radiator, $100 on samco hoses and $20 for a new thermostat. :argh:

my car is making a really loud and obnoxious rattle at idle. when i push down on the driver’s side mount it stops rattling so i’m pretty sure it is the mount. my question is, should i go ahead and get the prothane 3 mount kit or get the energy suspension 2 mount kit? plus, how hard is it to install these?

well most of 'em are pretty straightforward, but people cringe at the thought of doing the rear mount! supposed to be uber-hard to do! i have yet to do mine- ive got my inserts just sitting around. ill probably do them when i do my axles. :read:

so is it that big a deal to do the rear mount? or should i just stick with the 2 on the sides.

i think if you do the front and the sides you’ll be fine. one of the mount insert kits for our cars only comes with inserts for 3 mounts anyway :shrug:

  1. the rear mount is a BITCH to get to. it took me like 30 just to put the bolt in and tighten it.
  2. if the front and sides are solid, the rear wont take much abuse
  3. unless you have 400hp, does it really make that much of a difference?

blah…same thing for me !
hey yuri
does the es kit have all inserts?

it comes with 3 sets but for the DA you only need to use 2 of the sets. they are for the front and rear.

so which kit is better to you guys
prothane or es?

and which comes with what?


Originally Posted by haysr
Check out this link at Home Made Turbo. At the bottom of page is another link to do it another less expensive way.

Just curious if anyone has every tried this on their Teg? I was thinking of upgrading with the whole ES kit. But was wondering whether to purchase the Motor Mount kit or not and whether this method has been successful for others.

Thanks for the advice!

The ES motor mount inserts are slightly softer than prothane (less vibration).

They will really help if your motor mount bushings are torn or cracked. Just be sure to clean them out and make sure you get the inserts in right.

I would replace the whole motor mount if the bushings are so rotted they’re almost non-existent… but that is highly unlikely.

On the DA there are 2 sets of inserts. With motor orientation, they go left & right. If you’re speaking in relation to the whole care… they go in front & back. Basically the inserts go in the mount near the radiator and the mount towards the firewall underneath the IM.

Get the ES inserts… they’re awesome.