Hey guys, ok, i need your help here i was at the local parts store and i was gonna pick some new complete motor mounts. But when the guy showed them to me, there were only three. I always thought that they were four mounts. Can someone help me here please, if you have pics please post them i need something to show, too. BY THE WAY I FORGOT TO MENTION MY CAR IS A DA9 AUTOMATIC… Thanks

theres 4

1 on the timing belt side.

1 on the transmission side.

1 on the rear of the engine, right under the intake manifold.

1 on the front of the engine, right beside the exhaust manifold.

Thats what i thought thanks guys

does anyone have pics i could use to show napa… those fuckers dont believe me thanks guys

Forget them and shop some where else.

the rear one isnt really a mount, its a solid L bracket and doesnt really need to be replaced