motor mounts

Yes it’s an automatic for now.
My Engine mounts need replacing because of shaking at stop lights? Can I just replace the front ones and stop most of the shaking or do I need to replace all of them? I am trying to save from changing extra stuff. Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to change them?

Is 9004 the only size that fits in the g2i or will something like h3, h4, or h7 work?

HEad LAmp buLBs

I know somebody can answer the light question. do h4’s work in our car?
And motor mounts have so far been a pain to get from autozone, advanced, and napa. Maybe their employees just suck.

None of those bulbs will fit without modifying the socket in the housing and the connector. However, if you want to play with it and build stuff you could probably make them work. I know there have been posts on converting to other types.

As for the motor mounts, if AT’s are anything like MT’s, there are 4 mounts – 1 in front, 1 in rear, and one on either side. The side ones don’t really cause the engine to vibrate since the engine doesn’t twist that way… And the rear one is a PAIN to change. So, if I were you, I’d replace the front one and see if it makes a big difference. If it does, great… if you’re planning on swapping to a manual later on, you may as well leave the rear mount til you do the swap. But if the vibration is still just as bad, change the rear as well.

does anyone suggest energy suspersion ones or should i go to napa or advance auto ?

Energy Suspension ones are just inserts that go into the original mounts. This will work, and it works quite well. The disadvantage is that your car might vibrate a bit MORE because they’re stiffer than just the OEM mounts themselves…

I put ES inserts in my front mount for a while, but took them out because they’re kind of annoying in city driving. I might put them back in though… I’d like them for when I’m auto-x’ing.

ditto what rio said.

I just put them in and I HATE it. I mean yah great advantages for less wheel hop and less movement, but I still don’t think its worth having that much vibration.

I’m going to take mine out when I get the time. It just REALLY shakes the car, especially with my crower 403’s…makes me wanna barf cuz my stomach can’t handle it.