motor mounts

So im looking to get some motor mounts and all i can find are the innovative mounts. Is this the only company taht makes DA mounts? please let me know either way cause i need some bad.

Ummmm, I hear Honda makes them too. :roll:

Yes, Innovative is the only “aftermarket replacement mount” out there. Unless you are making >250whp, you should be fine with OEM. Inserts and aftermarket mounts will transfer a good bit of engine/drive train vibration to the chassis. It can get a little annoying if you are running these on the street.

yea, i was looking for some stronger ones because i dont know if it is just cause mine are old but i tried urathaning them and they still got shredded and i keep breaking axles. but iguess if innovative is my only choice then i gotta get thoes, thanks.

I am sure it is just because they are old. If you are still stock (IE - not heavily modified), I would stick with the OEM mounts since they will last another 10+ years. And don’t overlook the vibrations you will be getting with this type of replacement mount. OEM mounts are about the same (or close) as you will spend on the Innovative mounts. Just my $.02

well im not driving this car every day and i have type-r pistons in it right now and will hopefully have my cams before the summers out so i want something that can take the abuse at the track.

innovative mounts =a+++++++

Twizo - Yea…, I don’t know if I would give them that much praise since they don’t have perfect fit out of the box. I think it is the driver’s side mount you have to shim with washers to make it work. Also you have to buy the front mount separate. I give them a lot of credit for showing some love to the DA, but I think they need a version 2.0 mount kit.

SouthPinesPunk - Without a turbo, supercharger, or big NOS kit you won’t be over powering OEM mounts with just the setup you mentioned. But if this is mostly a track car and the ride quality doesn’t matter to you then go for it. It’s your car so in the end you will do what you want. Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking the mounts outside of a small fitment issue, and harsh ride. I would have given them a B-.

Wraith- I had no fitting problems with my mounts, perhaps they did fix fitting problems with due time. I got my mounts like 4 months ago from MIKE from REVAUTO A++ great person to deal with.

cool thanks alot

Twizo, were those innovative mounts that you used? I got a set of them, and i had to use 4 washers to shim the drivers side mount for it to work. and i just got mine about 1 month ago.

And this is just one example of what I mentioned. I have read several threads about the same issue with Innovative’s driver side mount.

yeah they were innovative i dont know i guess i got a lucky set from the batch.


yeah they were innovative i dont know i guess i got a lucky set from the batch.[/quote]

Do you happen to have a picture of your drivers side mount? I am wondering if you possibly have a different bracket for it than i do. My bracket has one stud, and one bolt. The innovative mounts that i received have 2 holes instead of hacing a nut on the mount for the bolt, and the spot for the stud to go through is ok, but you have to use washers to get up about 3/4th of an inch to get up to the bottom of the threads on the stud.

it depends what nut you use. if you use a tapered nut it fits perfect. the washers are only for where the thread ends. or just take out the stud and use a bolt. its not that hard.