motor swap ?????

Me and my friend have been talking about this swap i want to do in my 93 integra. i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of anything like it. i want to get a crv block,gsr head,and the new 6 speed accord not sure if any of the things i want will not match up right. any help will be good.
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i dont think the 6speed idea would work… accords with the 6speed arent b-series… there f-series

well, your prolly gonna hear this from everyone that post on this thread…SEARCH, you can find all the answers to your questions…the block and head will work but the tranny isnt going to fit…gotta stick with b series cable unless you wanna do a cable to hydro conversion, which would allow you to use a newer b series hydro tranny off a si/integra

even a cable to hydro conversion wouldnt make the 6speed work…

“…which would allow you to use a newer b series hydro tranny off a si/integra”

pretty sure i covered that

new si uses k20… which wouldnt work :wink:

and no that wasnt my point… point is he wants a 6speed… not a newer 5speed

wow i love what this forum has come to, everyone always needs “correct” other ppl…anyway like i said

Key words to pick up on here… "allow you to use a newer(<-not newest) B series (<- not k series) from a si/integra (<-which are the only cars in the USA…besides the delsol si that i forgot about, that came with a B series tranny

i also tossed in there how the 6spd would not fit, i was just giving him his ONLY tranny options for that block…so i think we have answered this guys question, maybe we can move on.