motors. whos got one and why

Well I know you all have one. DUHHH! But other than the B18A (1991 LS), what do you have under the hood? It seems to me that most people put the B16 V-tec cause it sooo cheep. I have also seen a fair amount of B18C1 or C5 in some cars. Now if some of them were the LS/V-Tec I dont know. Cant see the bottom of the motor to find out. Any how, if the B18 is better than the B16, then why put in the B16???

I think most common swaps are the B16, the GSR, ot the TypeR, and some LS/Vetc.

I have a sedan so I want to be able to get a motor that will be able to pick up for the extra weight. I dont think that the B16 in my car will win VS. the B16 in the HB. I looked around and so far it seems that the best for price with still not too much loss of power is the GSR swap. I know the LS/Vtec is a really good powerhouse if… AND ONLY if you build the bottom end up.
How about somthing like this
-sleves upgrade to the 2.0L
and some other little tech stuff that I know nothing about.
If all that is done then the motor will last as long as a OEM and is better than the B18C5… But i guess its too much money to do it right. AHHHH, Im going nuts. Any input would be killer. Thanks.

Well, I’m still not sold on the b16 swap. Sure it has VTEC, but it gives up a lot torque. I think too often people just want VTEC to say they have it, so they just get a b16. I actually saw once where a guy ran a 16.1 with a b18a, then swapped a b16 and ran a 16.3. But the b18c swaps are definitely worth it.

I don’t want to jump into this potential lengthy thread full of opinions, but I would like to add that Sedans are only 60 lbs more than hatchbacks.

People always think that sedans weigh sooooo much more. Nope.


DAY once again you have saved my day. good answer. now back to the motor.

Hey, gotta look out for a fellow sedan owner.:wink:


I think that the sedans are dope! They look like mini legends to me. If I had the money Id prolly do one as as second car.:smiley: