Moving the broken seatbelt

Well yet another faulty seatbelt…my pass side one is stalled in the front position and so I was going to manually move it back but I found my Teg didn’t come with the tool bag and that wrench thing. Do you HAVE to use that wrench or can you use something else? and does anyone have one for sale? lol

yeah I’ve seen that, I have the warranty book that came with the car but I’ve also heard that alot of people get turned down by this and I dont want to waste time and money going to the dealer. I HATE automatic seatbelts anyway…

Do i hear a manual seat belt conversion coming up:whisper:

oh god I wish…for the two months I had a CRX I was loving the manual belts.

I doubt youd get turned down lol if its half way it doesnt function as a seatbelt…but anyway Id at least call the dealer and explain the situation, then let em fix it, then pull the fuse under the hood (theres one fuse for each side) and you’ll have it how you want it. Unless you can find the tool which is probably impossible (or you could go to the dealer maybe they’ll move em for you for free if you find a cool tech)

Well I moved it back, figured out you just need an allen wrench, but now it wont’ quit beeping, and I did try to pull both fuses and it still won’t shut up so I am going to unplug the computer until I call the dealer, if they fix it, then they do if not then fuck it. lol

make sure to put them all the way back. if all the electrical is ok, what you can do is pull them all the way forward, make sure they hit the sensor at the front of the track, and let go. if you do this with the doors closed, the mechanism will come back and hit you! be careful. good luck!

well it has been in a wreck before and the door was replaced from another Teg…it closes and all but wont open from the inside, I wonder if the belt is broken or if maybe there was a problem with the door…

maybe the door switch is broken??? i dunno…Doubt it’s the door, though.

first, if you want the noise to go away, pull the two plugs out of the module under the pass kick panel carpet.

also the module gets its input for door movement from the latch, inside the door, not from the door switch.

the two fuses under the hood are only to fuse the motors themselves, one for each side. there is no fuse to pull to stop power to the module without cutting power to other things that you need. You have to unplug the module to shut it up.

usually one side will continue to work properly, when the other side acts up, hinting that its not the module, but a part that’s faulty. you said you had a door replaced. that’s a good place to start.

or do what I did, push the damn things to the full back position, BY HAND(you don’t need a tool to move the thing, just don’t break the plastic off), pull both fuses and unplug the module. just plug the shoulder and lap belts in when you get in.

I unplugged the green connector and it shut up, and I already rowed the pass. side back so they’re in manual mode now. It’s been a couple weeks and when I get in my friend’s 240sx, I always move the seatbelt behind me myself, cause I’m so in the habit of doing it in my Teg :loser: