MS: FREE PARTS. Cleaning out the garage!

I will update this first post when things are gone. I will also try to edit the photos to reflect the same.[/SIZE]

I was cleaning out the garage the other day and found a whole box of stuff that I no longer need. (Sadly, I sold my Teg).
The following parts are being offered for FREE. If you are not local, just pay shipping and the item is yours!!
Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Items are located in Puckett Mississippi (just southeast of Jackson)
For faster responses, please shoot me an e-mail to PuttersCustomConcepts at Yahoo dot com.

Items no longer available:
Emblems (buyer confirmed receipt of package)
Steering wheel (buyer confirmed receipt of package)
Owner’s manual (buyer confirmed receipt of package)
Inside driver’s door handle (buyer confirmed receipt of package)
Climate Control (buyer confirmed receipt of package)

Items Pending $$





Does the heater control buttons all light up

Emailed about the steering wheel and couple other parts.

Emailed about the owners manual.

Emails you about the cluster thanks

Yes, all the lights work. I bought an extra before I attempted the re-solder fix…just in case.

I have answered all of the e-mail messages. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest so far.
Anyone who gets the postage paid over the weekend, I will get the parts shipped out on Monday.
Either way, I will keep everyone updated on their parts.

Thanks again.


What kind of steering wheel is that???

climate shipped to 95112

I will take the climate control, give $5 plus shipping let me know how much shipped to 06824

Prelude Si

Okay, to all of those who have said “I will take it” to items, please note that I can not ship before you take care of the postage. PayPal shows no activity.

Please be advised that I have other members waiting in line…HOPING that your deal will fall thru so they can get the parts that you spoke for first.


Payment sent for the manual.

Thanks. It will go out tomorrow.

Can u also throw in the steering wheel ring assembly (the little black piece with the plug) if no one else is getting it?

Payment sent for the steering wheel.

Steering wheel should also go out tomorrow.

EDIT - Steering wheel boxed for shipping @ 7:00 am Monday

Climate control price for shipping to 06824?

[QUOTE=Putter;2297343]Steering wheel should also go out tomorrow.

EDIT - Steering wheel boxed for shipping @ 7:00 am Monday[/QUOTE]