MSD Ignition

Is it really worth the time to install and hte money to buy.

I do plan on going Turbo later on…

i can personnally , say that with the ignition my vtec kicks in hard and loud , acceleration is way better my idle is smoother , i have the 6al with msd modified cap ,msd blaster , 8.5 msd wires and irridiam denso plugs , more horses to tack on to

Ok so, if I wanted to upgrade my ignition… what all do I have to buy?

Current Engine Mods
11:1 Build
PR3 Pistons
LS Rods
Cometic 2L headgasket
Port Matched Intake Manifold
98 LS Cams
Iceman Intake
K&N Filter
Stock Exhaust :shrug:
Cat Eliminator
Port Matched SMSP “IB Spec” Header

if you dont want full box id at least get a coil… im running a SCI box, blaster ss coil, MSD cap and wires and im nearly stock… i did it to see if i could increase in MPG… but it didnt(although i didnt re gap my plugs) but it did smoothen out my idle

how do I run msd blaster wires to the distributer

hey! brian can you help me. how do I run the wires from the msd coil to the distributer on an auto g2. which wires am I suppose to use :clap:

For the record on this old thread, stock Honda ignitions are known to support 400+ whp with out any problems or modifications or help from MSD units. My car personally made 500 on a stock Honda ignition setup.

don’t msd’s also add more stress from the extra spark causing you to have to change some components more often?

I have full msd products on my g2,i started out with cap wires and coil.didnt make that much differece until i put on 6al.i had problems with my stock coil always burning out.maybe its the way i drive :shrug: but i dont have any problem any more with the msd external coil.