MSD ignition

IM thinking about buying an MSD ignition or one of another brand but was wondering if anyone else with a gsr also, has it already installed or if they had any problems.

Let me know. thanx :smiley:

I am running a crane hi6… no problems for more than 10 years.

running msd-sci w/blaster2 external coil

no problems yet for the past 3 years or more


Did you guys tackle this by yourself. Or had you had it installed by a professional shop i can prolly install it fairly easily with a bud but im not sure cuz ive never done one before.


it’s very easy to install, follow instructions… scale 1easy-10hard it is a 3

listen to johnny GC… this is only a couple wires and finding and mounting the units… pretty easy

ok thanks ,if i get it itll be a self proclaimed victory

(although i may come in here asking more questions)