i am about to run the MSD 6AL box blaster SS coil extreme cap and rotor and MSD 8.5 plug wires. i got the bosch platinum iridium fusion plugs but was told that they are shit. is this true? what would be the best plug for my setup?

all i know after some research is the stock ignition system is moe than sufficient. if your asking what plug is best for your setup, it might help to include what your setup consists of.

Most people like the NGK TR55 plugs.

no idea what tr55 is, but just run the recommended ngk copper plug for your car. should be special order at autozone, takes like 2 days to get. did you already get your msd setup? i have a little bit nicer setup for sale than the msd junk. accel 300+ digital box and coil w/ 90-91 integra distributor, msd cap, and accel wires. whole setup is ready to go. being digital it is actually upgradable for full retard control, 2stage rev limiter, and more with a simple plug and play box. this setup is litterally plug and play, just install on the car, connect power/ground, and set timing and your done.
if you are interested, im me on aim… george0123. the whole system retails at $310 + cost of the distributor.

thanks for the info about the plugs and yea i have all the stuff i need.Will i have to tard my timming with this setup? And will the internals in my disttributor burn up? i looked in the TEG TIPS but didnt find anythang. thanks

i ran my msd for 3 years before i yanked it. unless you running n2o or turbo you dont need an aftermarket ignition for a honda, the honda is a very good system, even for light boost applications the honda system handles it. and no as long as you have good ground the only thing is you need to change your cap and rotor more often. no big deal tho. personally would have invested the money elsewhere.

91integra157- when you ran your MSD was there any noticable gain in power at all? If not mabe I’ll have a msd setup forsale soon.

an ignition system is a supporting mod, you will not gain any horsepower.

ok thanks for the info guys

ya no gain. not even in mpg

if you sell your set up let me know

I got a Hyfire 6a, no gains what so ever. Just a smoother idle.

I got a used MSD cap for sale $25shipped. Only used for a few months.
For 92-93 non-vtec.

i have a 90-91 ls distributor with msd cap… and everything else to go with it. :wink:
tuner: buy my ignition system.