Mtec Bulbs???

I was Ebay and saw a set MTEC Xenon 9004 that “say” they are in the same class as PIAAs, I just wanted to see what you guys think, or if any has purchased these???

hey man i got a set of mtec 2X ones off ebay last week so they should come in this week…ill let you know what i think when i put them on. Later…

They also advertise using an h4h bulb found on jdm 1 peice headlights… can anyone confirm that they do sell h4h bulbs for 20 bux??

I bet you thats an error on their part. When you ask for H4H, they seem to not understand there is an extra H on the end.

I just imported some to Canada for resale and can tell you that it costs a lot more than $20 Wholesale.

If you wish check my post in Canada - Parts for Sale Forum

well, installed my mtecs, and im actually kinda impressed by the results. During daylight when i installed them i compared them to my silverstars and the silverstars looked yellow so i figured oh god theyre gonna be dim as crap at night cuz i thought they would be really blue. But theyre not bad at all, the light does not seem to scatter all across the place like the other blue bulbs that are not DOT, actually has a decent beam pattern to it. So, a lil less brighter then the almighty silverstar but imo looks better at night.

did u buy h4’s or h4h’s?

i got 9004, i didnt think they made H4H