Muffler Recommendation Help

So I’m not sure whether this is the right section so if it isn’t, mods feel free to move it to the appropriate section. Any who on to the question at hand. I’m looking for a new canister style muffler because I want to possibly scrape less when exiting or entering sketchy parking lots. I currently have the Tsudo “N1” style cat back so length is quite critical. I’m mostly looking for an oval muffler with dual tips to fill the cut out in the bumper and something with a relatively deep note but I’m not going to be closed minded about something else. So basically lets hear your suggestions G2IC, thanks in advance.

Can you expand upon the type of exhaust note you’re trying to achieve? Do you want it to be mellow with a quiet idle? Or do you want it to be loud?

It’s not a canister style, but I just had a local shop install one of these:

It’s essentially the same as a Magnaflow in terms of design, but it’s aluminized steel instead of stainless. I’ve got the 4"x9" with the 14" body mounted in the stock location, with two short resonators (eliminates rasp) and no cat. This setup was recommended by the installer and I’m very happy with it so far. Sounds pretty much stock at idle, and develops a nice growl around 3500 rpm when I get on the throttle. I can’t give an accurate description of the in-cabin sound until I get my bad rear hub replaced, but the exhaust doesn’t sound obnoxious when revving the engine at a standstill. It’s about as throaty as a stock B18A gets, I think. :wink:

If the 14" body fits when mounted perpendicular to the rear bumper then it may be a good option. You could also just order the genuine Magnaflow in the polished finish and add a dual stainless tip if you prefer (my original plan was to order a Magnaflow oval and have it installed, but it was much easier just to use the Flo-Pro since the shop had it in stock and my exhaust was broken right off at the resonator).

The 4" tall body tucks up nicely so ground clearance shouldn’t be a big issue.

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