Mugen front bumper!

look what i found guys:

oops heres the site with price and contact info :

$750 for any bumper, Mugen or not is ridiculous.

it’s a modified mugen bumper or it’s a FAKE. i’m leanin towards FAKE.

Some nut case will still purchase that ugly ass brick of a bumper at $750 beans.

damn. i had the whole kit back in theday. kept the skirts and sold the rest for like 2 bills. i really wish i didnt

You can tell it’s a real lower section based on the depth of the fog light cut outs, it’s the easiest way to tell and it looks like it was molded to an OEM bumper which I’ve always liked the way it looks…

i dont know if it real or fake, as you all know real ones are basically impossible to find now a days, but i’ve been to the shop where this bumper is located and all they have is straight JDM stuff. No aftermarket parts, only parts straight out of the crates from Japan. i just purchased a DB2 last friday with the whole Mugen kit, but i’m sure its a fake as well.

wow that’s pricey!

LOL u can buy a DA for 750 bucks… ridicolous. i guess someone rich can buy it and dont care lol

its pricy, but somebody will jump on it

i actually found this one on ebay for 499OBO but shipping is 225! so i guess prob the same!!! as the 750 lol… that crap s so expensivel LOL

my personal opinion i like the 92-93 bumper with a lip better than the mugen one.