Mugen LS ECU?

I just won this item on ebay and I want more information if you know anything about it. It’s a PR4 Mugen LS ECU for 90-91. According to the seller, it’s suppose to add at least 10 hp by having better air/fuel mixture and also increase the redline up to 8,500 rpm. We all know ebay always exaggerate so if any of you have it or had it let me know about it.

sorry man but you got ripped. taken from - Mugen does not produce or sell ECU chips, stock ECU’s with replacement chips, or programmable ECU’s

20 bucks for 10 hp? if that were true everyone one of us would have one :slight_smile: just be careful next time.

actually I purchased the whole ecu made by mugen not a chip…i checked out that site and mugen do make ecu’s but it doesn’t show for 90-93 integra…so i’m not sure…thanks for the info

i did some research on this site and found out that few members actually have Mugen ECUs…it replaces the whole stock ecu and can be easily be plugged in…some do mention that they have Mugen chips so i’m not sure about that

a genuine mugen ecu will run you roughly 1200 bucks. not trying to confuse you but if you did get a real mugen ecu , congrats :slight_smile: and let us know how it runs.

Spoon/Mugen don’t bother making parts for non-VTEC motors…

You got jacked.

Mugen ECU upgrades are not bad, but they are fuel hogs. If your running premium (which I believe should be the second modification ever to a car) that can get kindof expensive. I researched this for a while and came up with some interesting facts.

Aftermarket ECU Upgrades are either whole box, or chip.
It sounds like you got whole box, which is going to be a blank program from Hondata, programmed by Mugen, for a lot more than you probably have done to your car.

271cc fuel injectors are the most common for street racing. This is the size than Mugen programs their ECU’s for, but if you have stock injectors, they will wear out a lot faster.

The other main difference is that they based their program off the JDM non-vtec cars. This means that it might be programmed for different intake and exhaust specifications, which more than likely will screw with your stock sensors. O2 and exhaust specifically.

This is a great upgrade to do, but it’s better, in my opinion, to spend a lot less money and get a chip. I’m running a Gude chip in my car. Gude is the company affiliated with Bullfrog racing. Check out some of their stuff.

Just my 2¢ =)

WTF i didnt write that post! I think SE37K was using my comp.

thanks for the info EpeK…so what should I do about the O2 sensor?

Kinetic makes some excellent sensors. They are universal fit, mainly used for drag, but then again, Mugen is too. The thing about sensors is they wear out over time. not a lot, but enough where you might be interested. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is get a new one when you put that ECU in. That way the sensor can start off fresh without having to worry about it sending bad info to the rest of the system because it’s older.