My 1990 LS integra

My name is Travis Darst and i used to be a member a long while ago. I think my old name was “Orangeteg” not sure!?! i had a burnt orange 93 GS teg w/ an jdm B16 and other stuff. Just resently bought a 1990 ls that is and a 1991 gs parts car. My 1990 has a stage 2 clutchmaster clutch and skunk2 intake manifold. When i bought it, it had those gross projector headlight and rice tails. i replace the headlight and tails, algone with some 04 Honda SE wheel i had painted gold. Its got about 200K on it but in pretty good shape. I just want to say hello to all and post some picture of my car

Thank gang



Ok i have tried just about everything to put up a picture up but i am not going to stop till i get them up!

upload them on photobucket and copy/paste the img code.

Thanks for the help here are the pictures!!!

interesting wheels, do you know what kind they are. looks pretty clean man:up:

They are 03 or 04 honda civic SE wheels I painted gold and left the H center caps silver! Thanks