My 91 ls SE RHD conversion build

Hello g2IC ! New here . I am a 25 year honda only mechanic and have owned my 92 gsr for 11 years .
So I bought a very clean 92 DA6 RHD clip and complete doors all in black from CL who got it from H motors . i got it l all for 400$ :slight_smile: - terrific deal - .
So i sold my 95 teg to buy a 91 SE to do the conversion to and got a nice black one ! So i have a 92 gsr and 91 SE , 85 crx si , 91 crx si , 96 RHD Del Sol .
Will start to post pics of the build as it happens , this weekend i prepped the rhd firewall and ready to install

nice post pics of the work

Nice! I have a rhd db2 as well :slight_smile: