my alignment readings, before/after

hey guys, im sitting on H&r race with tokico illumnia 5 way adjustable, I have ingalls extreme camber kit in the front… here are my readings before the alignemnt…
camber- -1.6L -1.7R
Toe- -.73 -.73 — total toe+ -1.46

here is the problem tho, my inner and outta tie rod on the drivers side is seized… so it wont adjust, so when they fixed the camber this is what happened…

Camber- -.1L -.0R
Toe -1.34 -1.62 Total toe= -2.97 INSANE!!!
My handling is jerky, if the tires get off the straight course, they jerk… so my question is, can i pull the inner and outter tie rods by myself and then have it realigned, or does it need to be done by a professional???

I think they did you a big disservice by “aligning” the car while it still had broken parts on it. They should have consulted you about replacing the parts, then doing the alignment.

You can replace the outer tie rod yourself for sure. I’ve never done the inners though.

Also, why did they set your camber to almost 0°?

So, what did you use to try and take off your outer tie rod(s)?

Because you can’t take off your inner tie rods without removing your steering rack, and disassembling it.

i havent tried to do either yet, are you sure about dissassemblying the steering rack, ive heard otherwise,can a pro back us up? … i dunno about the camber, i told him i wanted -.6-.8