my broken arm <pics>

Well, here they are. Both arms need to be replaced on this side of the car. Does anyone think I shouldn’t attempt to do this on my own or is it relatively simple and straight forward? TIA.

This picture shows what the other side looks like for reference.

are the arms themselves damaged or just the bolts stuck in the bushings? if so, you can take out the old bushings and put new ones in.

Well, you see the hole in the first pic that the arm is supposed to be bolted to? On the other side of the hole, the bolt broke through the hole if that makes sense so I know I need a new trailing arm. And I was told the bolt is impossible to get out of the lower arm without a torch and possibly screwing up the arm so I should just replace that too. I got a quote from the acura garage for about $370 for both parts and that’s about all I can afford right now so I will probably try to do the work with my dad.

you may not be able to get the bolt out, but if you drill a hole in the rubber part of the bushing, you can stick a fine saw blade through it then saw around the circumference of the bushing.

-use this kind of saw:

you can then push the inside of the bushing out and you’re left with the outer sleeve. if you saw the sleeve open, it’s easy to tap out. then you just have to press a new bushing in using bolts and large washers.


Looks like what happend to me on my gsr with the last bolt when lowering my car. We drilled out the old bolt and cut off the nut that was welded on the other side and put a new bolt and removeable nut . Worked for me!

Just if you need to know, the type of saw beatcreep showed a pic of is called a coping saw.

Originally posted by spikius
Just if you need to know, the type of saw beatcreep showed a pic of is called a coping saw.

i used one of those in shop class back in HS

looks like a jewlers saw to me

oh ya, I think you’re right, the pic is a jewelers saw. I thought the end looked like an adjustable coping saw, but ya, it does look like a jewelers saw, although a coping saw would probably be better for cutting out the bushings, rather than a jewelers saw.