My build thread, New to g2ic and G2's in general

Finally I can post! lol
First i’ll start off by introducing myself I’m Austin and from the Midwest, Iowa to be exact. I’ll be purchasing my first g2 on friday from a friend will post pics then.
It’s a 1992 GS
White with black trim.
174,xxx miles
Pretty much stock besides a Kenwood deck -Deck and JBL door speakers go stolen, put a shitty dual deck and some Pioneer speakers in.
Motor runs strong, but body has some rust.
Things I plan on doing:
1 piece headlights, with HID bulbs
dropping it 1.5 inches and putting on some nice wheels, possibly fat 5’s.
New paint
When I get the money, hopefully a motor swap.
So yeah i’ve been reading up and seems like i’ll hopefully fit in well here. Also if anybody else is near sioux city would be nice to know some other members around me.

Sorry for Shitty cell phone picks.
And will be hopefully buying 1 pieces soon, once I can find myself a job

welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Pics are up!

what condition are your headlights in? i need pretty much all new lights. or, both fogs, both corners, and either the driver side middle or passenger, i don’t remember. (my car’s in paint right now so i can’t check, you should check my build thread!). oh, and I’m in 36054 Alabama

and BTW, welcome to G2IC! You’ll love it here, tons of info and plus its generation specific no need fooling around looking for info on your generation like T-I or Honda-Tech. are you sure you don’t want to go with a more extreme drop? say a 2.5? are you getting full coilovers, sleeved coilovers, drop springs?

Headlights are ok condition I suppose, need a good wetsanding though.
If I sell them i’ll let you know first dunno how much i’d sell for yet. :stuck_out_tongue: and thanks for the welcome

post more pic when you get them

I definitely will be. I have a lot of plans for this car but moneys tight when your only 17 :confused:

no, money’s tight when your only 15 :slight_smile: .luckily i had some MAJOR help on my dad’s part. He’s been doing side jobs to help me get all the main things in order. thank god too because there is no way i could have been able to do a 1/3 of it! haha, best of luck with the build!

Hah yeah, ;p. Well I’m all on my own except for two friends that know ALOT more than I do, so it will definantly be a slow build, but hopefully will turn out the way I want it to. And good luck with your build as well :stuck_out_tongue:

hey welcome to G2IC! its nice to see some younger kids on here like me. looks like a nice car to begin with. best of luck!

cars are a learning process. i’ve been into cars since i was a little kid and i still don’t know a whole lot, but i’m getting there. remember, if you know how to fix your car you save tons of $$$ later in life

I’m still new here, but I would also like to welcome you to the forums. I recently joined cause I got my first car and I’m 17 also, so I know where you’re coming from.

welcome to the site but be warned before you ask anything use the :search: function. if you dont, then all the “senior” members on the site will greet you with a tons of sarcasm and unnecessary bullsh*t…

just letting you know from experience…

but im gnna bookmark your build and keep checking back with you. i got my first da when i 18 and crashed it a week later… check out my cardomain…

Check engine light has been going on randomly so I decided to see what it was ECU is throwing codes 12 and 43

The guy I bought it from said it was throwing 43 cause of the o2 sensor so i should be forking up the $17 to fix that soon :confused:

Also thanks for all the welcomes :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see your cars when they’re all done as well

Finally might be selling my white automatic G2 to pick up a tureno red manual tranny g2!