My car shut off while driving. Doesn't start but turns over

I was pulling into my driveway yesterday and my integra just shut off. i tried to start but it won’t, it just turns over. i replaced the spark plugs but that didn’t work either…any suggestions?

Check timing belt, ignition coil, ignitor…

All of the above. If they all check out, you should also evaluate your Main Fuel Relay, and your Ignition Control Module.

does the fuel pump prime? are you getting spark?, like spikeymike said um check your timing belt, ignition coil, and ignitor. Along with that check to see if you get spark and see if you can hear the fuel pump prime

That happened to my 92 LS last summer. It would stall while driving, turn over, but not start. It would eventually start again but hours later. Had to replace the distributor unit. (was extremely happy with Distributor King unit - lifetime warranty - was shipped for next day - easy to change out) The new distributor includes a new rotor, ignition coil, ignition module, bearings, etc. Replaced the unit and just had to set the timing. (picked up a cheap timing light). it’s been running great since last summer.
I also heard that the ignition switch can cause this too due to worn contacts. Search and there are threads explaining how to clean the contacts. If you’ve never resoldered your main fuel relay contacts, well that is a common G2 Integra problem too. My bet is with the distributor unit though.

It was the distributor. I checked it a couple days ago and when I took the cap off, the screw that held the rotor to the shaft had fell off. When we checked the spark plugs to see if they were sparking, they were but not a very strong spark. So thats why we checked the distributor. We screwed it back on and good to go… Thanks for the help though. Its great to have feed back, much appreciated.