my clock is dim, and cd player, dome lights map lights ect.... isn't working?

okay a know there are simmilar posts to this but i cant find any that is exact, my clock is very dim anddome lights, map lights, cdplayer (aftermarket), and my cig lighter isn’t working the fuse under the dash is good and they are all tied to the same one under the hood which i replaced but still none of them are working? if anyone can think of any thing pleast let me know thanks.

The first thing I would check is to see if you have battery voltage on the battery side of the fuse under the dash. It sounds like there just isn’t enough voltage present to power anything but the clock. If you have battery voltage at that fuse, then the problem is in the cabin. It is easy to fuck up putting the cigarette lighter wiring back on properly, I would disconnect that first. Then I would disconnect the stereo from the harness. Remember the yellow wire on the stereo is main battery power, and the red wire is just the ignition. I am referring to common aftermarket stereo wiring conventions BTW, not actual wire colors for the cabin harness.

If you don’t have battery voltage at that fuse connection, then the problem is between the battery and that fuse and should be less difficult to track down where the resistance that is pulling down your voltage is coming from.

Crap. I take it back. Didn’t realize the clock and the clock light are on different circuits. You have a short or a break somewhere.

When you say “the fuse under the dash is good” which fuse are you talking about exactly. I don’t have my car nearby, but as far as I can tell you have symptoms of there being issues with circuits associated with different fuses. Stereo and cigarette lighter are #22, but your dash lights are #14. Clock is #11 for lights on signal, #23 for main power and #14 for constant power to keep the time correct. Oh and #14 is also the main power for your Stereo (where #22 is just the acc signal).

Also, when did this start? Has it always been like this or was it a week after you installed the stereo, or what?

thank you for a reply and help i feel kinda dumb i checked all the fuses you said and one was blown what i dont get is it says it was my sun roof fuse on the chart under the cover.

Don’t feel dumb, I have the factory wiring diagram and an EE degree (not that it really matters) and as you said, it says sunroof!

I am assuming that fixed it?

yeah i put one in it to see if it worked and it did im going tomorrow to get a set of fuses so i will have spares for the future, yeah i am going to school for auto collision repair atm so im more of a body guy then wire guy haha but i like doing it all and learning this form is the only one i have actually gotten any help on so far haha.

This site is certainly the best one I’ve found for actual help from knowledgeable people. One could even make the argument that this site helped encourage me to actually go to engineering school.

Keep your eye out for a factory manual for sale. Those things are just useful beyond belief and the troubleshooting guides have saved my back on multiple occasions. There are also a couple scanned copies floating around the internet, but it is really helpful to have a physical one you can flip through. And I’ve also never seen one for 90-91 Integras that was scanned. You can buy an authorized one here for $44 and in my opinion is an essential tool for working on your car.

Body work? That is cool. I am completely useless when it comes to doing any kind of metal working or stuff that is even mildly creative or finicky. I seem to work best with stuff that has a right and wrong way of going together.

yeah the manuals do help thats how i found out which fuse i needed under the dash and i have acces to michell on demand which really helps.

yeah in better at the more fabricateing and stuff that takes allot of paceints.