My crappy paint (I need the mix code)

The car was repainted a few times, and as it sits it’s primer white (that has be resanded to bare and resprayed). I was just wondering, what Acura’s paint code for a graphite blue color. I don’t know what it’s called and I’ve never seen a g2 with it. Also, would it be better to go with a black, gray, or white primer to match the original paint?

what car did you see this on? maybe a pic will help.

concord blue?

Look in your driver side door jam, it should have a sticker with a color code… Example: My 90 GS is Flint black metallic it says NH-526M thats my color code…

Saxony Blue Metallic Clearcoat (B-56M)

Captiva Blue Pearl Clearcoat (B-62P)

But there’s a grey color that has a purpleish look

Horizon Gray Metallic Clearcoat RP-21M

It’s my car. That sticker tells me? The outside has been about three diff. colors but under it all it’s still stock. If I ever get that far with this POS I’ll see if I can get the stock color redone.