My Cruise Doesn't work, HELP can't srive long distance

I bought this Integra, of a kid that abused it. Well i fixed a ton of stuff, but I’m having trouble with the cruise control. I replaced the cruise Module under the hood, and the Haynes Manual says to check the fuses, I went all over that car and I can’t find it. It came from the factory with cruise. What can i do to fix the problem, please helps!!! Thank You in advance.

when you say you can’t find “it” what are you referring to? the fuses? they should be in the driver’s side kickpanel (next to the deadpedal if it’s a manual tranny). and don’t tell me you can’t drive a long distance without cruise. i drove all the way from louisville, KY to san francisco, CA a month ago with no cruise control in my buddy’s accord.:smiley:

I had a similar peoblem with my cruise control. It would not “set”. I went through the whole troubleshooting procedure in the manual and isolated the problem to the switch on the clutch pedal. Upon examining the switch, I found that there is a little rubber grommet on the clutch pedal that is supposed to push the switch when the pedal is up. The rubber grommet had deteriorated and was not pushing the switch anymore. You might want to take a look at it to make sure you don’t have the same problem.

I will check that

Thank you for that solution, i will go check.How would I fix the problem if it is it?? THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, That grommet was completly gone, so i stuck a bolt and nut on it. A $1.12 solution. Thank you so much. I can finally drive without knee pain.