My DA6 XSi Integra

Hello all, Had to purchase a new car recently for the missus and of course I wanted another Honda, fortunately I came across this example of an unmolested DA6 XSi Integra.

since the question come up quite often I thought I would share some of the differences between these cars and the Australian delivered DA9. If I have missed anything or got anything wrong, please feel free to correct me! I have tried to include photos of everything as well.
apologies for the dirty car, I was just too excited and took photos before I cleaned her!

Starting with the exterior-
amber front indicators
parking pole
electric folding mirrors
slim side mouldings and no DOHC
side markers should be flat I believe but these have been changed
XSi sticker!
no high mount rear taillight
smoked tint on windows and top of windscreen
I think the front bumper support is different
Sunroof was optional
this colour not available in Aus.
no cap holder on fuel lid
DOHC VTEC sticker on back windscreen

And on to mechanical-

The B16A (of course) and J1 close ratio box
sound/heat proofing on bonnet
sound/heat proofing on firewall could be wrong on these 2 but they look different from anything I have seen on a DA9
no longitudinal cross member
‘hole’ type rear LCA
I believe the car sits about 5mm lower on different springs
undersize spare wheel
Japanese emission/compliance/rego stickers

and finally interior-

different seats and material (like velour on the inserts)
seat belt retainer
door latch bumper
climate control
leather wrapped steering wheel
emission control writing on visor
different radio (this one is aftermarket)
smaller mirror
no dimmer switch
no lock on glovebox
different dash display and icons including fuel light, check engine, handbrake and emissions
button for foglights
button for parking pole
button for folding mirrors
decals on the door trim (anyone know what it says?)
flare and holder
no rear speakers
arm rest/centre console (optional)

Finally just for a bit of a gloat!-

Looks pretty damn clean man!

The Digital Climate Control looks cool as well as the under-hood heat/noise dampening material, I’d actually like to have that on the underside of my hood :frowning:

Good find for sure!

^ Agreed! Nice find!

I want the fire wall dampening for my rhd an the stickers on the door pannel say lock/unlock if i remember right can you take another pic of your door latch as it looks different then mine the black piece next to the chrome one

The digital climate control is pretty darn cool :slight_smile:

what a great find. i would b excited too. :dance: once u get her cleaned up post some shots.

whats going on man its really clean

i was wondering if i could get the paint code ?

nevermind on the code i see it

god, thats in great shape.
did you convert it or is it an actual japanese car imported down to you?

all you need are some foglights down in the bumper and it would be tits

Upon looking at the undercarriage again, I dunno if I’m feeling the way the struts connect to the control arm… I like the Fork idea better than just a bolt/nut through a hole :squint:

ITRs are setup like this, the sheer strength of a 2-plane mounting surface around a bearing will be higher than that of a fork around an arm with a bolt through a bushing. it puts the stress on the control arm instead of the bottom of the shock. that control arm setup is also much lighter than solid steel and reduces unsprung weight. you can also run spherical bearings there as well, to reduce rubber bushing flex in race conditions.

theyre also really good at concealing high dollar coilovers from thieves. if there were more exotic coilovers available for these LCAs i would get a pair.

i love it!

[QUOTE=OMG Its Weasel;2160305]god, thats in great shape.
did you convert it or is it an actual japanese car imported down to you?

all you need are some foglights down in the bumper and it would be tits[/QUOTE]

Thanks for all the comments guys!

In answer to this question, the car was brought in as a personal import in '98. Under the Aussie regulations this means it was owned by that person for a full year in Japan and then they are allowed to bring it back with them. I cant believe that it has remained so original after being here for 12 years!

I will kill for a original Xsi… The car looks great!!!

:werd: I probably would too

Do all Xsi’s come with the engine side firewall matt?

How is working this seat belt retainer ??

First time seen this in XSi !!

BTW nice DA6 :wink: Still in good conditions and a lot rare parts. All the best with this car !!

Hi,i own jdm da6 too…i plan to upgrade all bushing to ES.But i find out the rear LCA is totally different then other G2 teg,right?

Anyone know the ES bushing code for it?Thanks.