my db1 stolen on xmas

So i went to start the car go inside put my sons jacket on go back outside cars gone so depressed

Oh shit. That was you on fb…damn. F thieves…hope u get it back…was that the latest da you bought…

yeah and its been ma long term beater build but it was ma bmoms daily driver

Fuck thieves herefor u jeff lmk

dang dude i’m sorry to hear this…i know the pain of walking out to an empty parking spot

yeah now were down to one driveable registered car had the car fr like 3 years so depressed its gone

So sad to hear man, especially on christmas day that’s awefull. I can’t believe that someone would do that to any1 on a day of giving and spending time with your family, not a day for taking other peoples shit wtf. I hope you find it in one piece cause if not those fool’s better be in jail cause nothing is going to protect them from a real ass whoppin. I been there before man and trust me I know it’s not easy, all I can say to you is that try to keep your head up and stay positive cause something good should come out of all of this. And those fagott ass thieves are gonna pay big time for this.

Sucks to hear about this. I myself came out to a missing car today. It was not my integra as it’s not running but it was my accord. It was a old accord that looked like crap but it ran great. I feel for you as I am in the same boat now. This is a first for me and I am not really pissed but just more upset. Good luck on finding your car.

gluck finding ur car still no word looks like its gona end up stripped somewere

that is messed up on so many levels! danm thieves aint got nothing better to do than steal from someone whose worked hard to have what they have

Any News? They found my car. Nothing really wrong with it. They just took what they could carry. I had to pay the towing fees since they parked it in a apartment complex and they had it towed. Time for me to rig up some anti theft devices this weekend. I hope they find your car in one piece. I got lucky.

Mother Fuckers they bag your joint dude i swear these scum bags like to take people stuff i know how that feels when they took my 90 gs integra smh but make sure from now to keep and eye out cause they might of been watching your car the one night when i forgot to put my boot on thats when they strike glwf bro if you get it back

Just got it back they left it on beaver st in new britain behind an empty house cops said its like the 8th one in recent weeks that turned up there they just beat the shit out of it and left it ddnt take anything from it not even the radio. Took mabmoms bah of carebears I was like wtf stuuffed animas and nota radio or rims. The tires are bald as hell and there radiater fluid all under the hood its drives like shit and is knocking now pulls hard as fuck to the left fuckin heaed but happy it came back driveable

Yeah ma boy works for one of the towing companies in ma town requested that theycall them of course they didn’t so I had to pay outa pocket. Was gona be 120 but I cursed them out for lying cuz I called asathe police caled they sad o he jusy left. Minute ago I sad call the driver tell him not to get it I gota towtruck I work or he other company he aid driver doesn’t have a phone. When I went to get he car I asked the driver do u have a phone he sad yeah so I flipped out on em so he was like I’ll just charge u to drop it so I paid eigty instead of 120

So how bad is it???

pics plz before and after

Glad to hear you got it back in working condition. Too bad they beat on it though. Yeah I had to pay that $220 out of pocket. Sucks so bad. I am going to try my best to make it so they can’t take it again.

it was pretty much in the same condition they just beat the shit out of it and was doin alota burnouts the cars smoking and knockin now

damn that sucks…almost everytime i hear about people that find their integras, i’m glad they never found mine. THEN i would have been pissed

good bro you got it back lucky you i know the motor is knocking and smoking but at least you got the car back and i guessing they were rainbow riders aka faggs why would you take the care bears instead of the radio or something else but fuk it you got it back