My DB2 & Type R

Well took the car out the garages. both cars hasn’t been washed since last year. Enjoy:)

wow my dream:rockon:


Why did you put DA bumpers on your “DB2”?

FYI… your GS-R badge is out of position

Looks like he painted his thin moldings that way on purpose.

Yeah… must have. Bummer

i like the moldings painted black actually…looks less plain. :up: for hmong guy that knows how to fix up a 2nd gen. in my opinion…the fno1r-c are too small for the type r…should of gotten 16". not sure if the rims on the db2 are 16"…can’t tell from the angles/rolling shot.

2nd picture of that db is nicely done. The background is great and so is the car. Db and a type r dang im jeleous.:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

those wheels look killer on the da but seem kinda out of place on the dc. eitehr way nice cars man.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah I’m only running on 15 inch FN01C’s for both cars, but running the hot versions on the 92. And Schu I painted my trims black to match my JDM thinwalls. FYI, I believe your eyes are deceiving you.

hehehe i just got a closer look at ur photoshoped plates!!!

What exhaust is that?


Im thinkin the exhaust is a Tanabe medallion of some sort, or maybe a RSR exmag.

Yeah I’m running a RSR Exmag.

Nice hype r and DB2

whats the tire specs on the DB…im guessing 195/55? also what percentage tint u have on your DB?

free bump for a local, seen this da around town its very clean but drop that front a little and it’l be 100%

mehh… if i were him i’d lift the back1/4inch and drop the front 1/2 inch it would give it an aggressive stance but i like his rides not dissing at all gorgeouse cars man …

I’de love to have a real ITR but I’de be afraid of someone stealing it all the time.

clean db2:rockon: