my first retrofit

So I finally finished my projector retro today after pulling my lights back apart a few times to address adjustability issues, I went with morimoto mini 6000k from the retrofit source and also got my yellow fog bulbs in :slight_smile: here are some pics

Were these easy to install? I’m thinking about getting them for the Mrs’s teg. She has the one-piece clear housing headlights.

Nice! You’ll never be able to go back to halogen again huh?

I have been looking at those projector / angel eye type headlights… wasn’t sure if they would look ok or not, but seeing this I’m thinkin they may not be so bad afterall.

that is unless I find some JDM 1 peices that are not astronomically priced.

^those ebay projector/angel eye headlights are garbage. Do a proper retrofit or just get jdm lights. Avoid those crappy ebay projector lights like the plague.

i agree with rollinmyda 100% if your gonna buy those cheap ass 1 pieces do a retro fit before installing…can’t go wrong with jdm 1 pieces

cut off line is nice. good job

looks good! did you get the MH1 5.0 or MH1 4.1?

Hmmm… wish you did a step by step install. Lol Looks good and clean and makes those crappy ebays look tolerable haha