MY gsr project

Ive had my g2 teggy sitting in the garage engineless for almost a year now.Finaly its in the works of coming together.I recently bought a 99 b18c1 (gsr) engine.Along with aem fuel rail,aem cam gears,aem cai,dc 4-2-1 ceramic.But im waiting to finish restoring my 91 gs.Still need lights believe it or not.Gotta put the fenders,and front bumper back on.Stripped the rear seats out.Probubly gonna gut the panels too.So the question is, after ive installed the gsr engine.Then what? What would be the best thing to do? I wanna go all motor for a bit.And ill probubly have about 1,000 left to toss on the engine again.What would be the best thing? Head work? CTR pistons? anyone?

well u have a 99 gsr motor so it proably has very low miles , i have a 95 gsr motor if i could do it all over i would of built the motor kinda like dan g2guru,i hope u know your going to have a few wiring issues to make a 99 motor work in 91 but its been done good luck