my guage install.

click here---->
pic of my dash in the light

pic of the switches and dimmer controls for my leds & reverse I-glo’s

pic of them at night. really hard to see how cool this looks though

pic of the led’s only again hard to see, the needles are glowing yellow

pic of the switch I put in to control my neons I put under the dash

all of these come on when you turn on the headlights and can be turned off or dimmed at your wish.
what do you guys think?:shrug:

1 question, was the gauges a bitch to install?

There actually not that hard to install. The only pain is disconnecting the spedo cable and then reconecting it. But I have had my dash out and back in about 5 times so you get used to it. the how to on this site is pretty good.

I have now compleated a how to step buy step instruction file in word on this. So if any one else is interested e-mail me or click here----->

what was the reason for the leds?

just look at the results.
this is what it looks like when your done
I dont think you could get that effect very well any other way.
perhaps neon? or cathode? not sure:shrug:

ah. can you email me the instructions at ? thx