My integra isn't running correctly

On the way to take the SAT’s this morning, my car felt like there was something wrong. About 5 hours later when I come out, I was driving in the parking when all of a sudden my car sounded messed up and ugly. It sounded like it was running on three cylinders…and it was loud like a motorcycle. I tried revving it and it wouldn’t go pass 3500 rpm and i call my dad up. He told me drive it home anyways and when we took the spark plugs out, one was burnt. I just changed all four right now and i just fired it up and it is still having that problem. The motor is very shaky. What’s wrong with it? Can anyone help? I don’t think i’m getting compression from the 2nd cyclinder from the left. Sorry if i sound stupid, i’m only 17. Thanks…

Should i seafoam it?

My dad just swapped injectors with another one, seems like cylinder 2’s injector is gone… where can i buy a fuel injector?