My little DA8

you guys probably saw my da8 on this site somewhere

Lil update from this morning

Let me know what you guys think!!

BTW silchuki wont sell me his lip he got laying around :frowning:

so seem like oem will do it…

nice. i personally think it looks fine without a lip. is that an oem spoiler for sedans?

yes it is, OEM XSi optional spoiler i think

looks hot. :slight_smile: always had a thing for that color!!!

wow looks gr8 exept the roof thing kinda like the plans i have 4 my da7

dear gawd that thing is sexy

pretty clean but The hood overbite really bothers me :slight_smile:

well its the bumper that got push in shipping, she was against the contaienr wall, i need to fix it back

nice mexi-poke


Clean db, not a fan of the wheel size or roof rack but still a nice car

can you post pictures of the RHD driver side door pannel? i would appreciate it.

Yeah those wheels look horrible on there. Nice otherwise.

I Will Post You A Picture Of the door panel RHD, and wheels are now of, no suspenstion anymore, she’s waiting for her Zeal B6 and i got a set of Compomotive TFN 15 (15x7 et 35) going on there, no more roofrack, back to OEM windows Visors, and no more B16a… Now running a 01 B18C GSR(from japan) with a Type-R Flywheel, XSi Tranny and Type-R Exhaust Manifold…

picture of the swap

i want a roof rack…looks good in there…gona replace that header or put the header shield back on i’m guessing right?

no the rusty one is my DC2 exhaust manifold(type-R 2.5 inch) im trying to find a shiedl that will fit.